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I am am a forensic psychiatrist practicing in Seattle, Washington.   I have had the pleasure of working with Pearson Transcription over the past eight years.  They have provided transcription services for me and their performance and work product has been excellent and quite reliable.

Pearson Transcription is pleasant, professional, and easy to work with. Their work conforms with all HIPAA guidelines and they have prompt turnaround time in dictations.  If I have an urgent dictation, they have always been able to accommodate me.  

I highly recommend Pearson Transcription.

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For over ten years, I have been managing an internal transcription department for a large IME firm.  Keeping my department staffed appropriately with transcriptionists can be quite taxing at times.  However, that has all changed for me this year.  Running a tight ship has been made very easy after meeting Tracy Pearson, an awesome professional who owns and operates Pearson Transcription.  Pearson Transcription has done wonderful things for both my department and for our firm.  We have consistently met stringent deadlines and our workflow is seamless.  Pearson Transcription’s work product is impeccable, and is turned around quickly, and the work just gets done!  All tasks we have asked of Pearson Transcription thus far have been handled promptly, professionally, and accurately.  I highly recommend Pearson Transcription as they have come through for us time and time again. Thank you Tracy and Pearson Transcription for making our company meet its demands time and time again! 

Keep up the great work!

~ National Transcription Manager

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I have worked with Pearson Transcription in a professional capacity for over six years.  During that time, Tracy Pearson, and Pearson Transcription, has always gone above and beyond to meet our needs, and have been responsive to our requests and often short lead times.  Accuracy was always ensured and reports were always completed well-within the required turnaround times.  Both Tracy and her staff were always available, at all hours, via telephone, email or messenger for last minute changes and adjustments, and they always met and exceeded our expectations.  Uploading work on a secure, user-friendly website, and easily downloading the completed reports was greatly appreciated.  In addition, their website allowed real-time tracking of the status of all assigned work, which eliminated the need to call or email for status checks throughout the day.
I highly recommend Tracy Pearson and Pearson Transcription for all of your transcription needs. 

Pearson Transcription is the finest company in the business.

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I am the Office Manager for a very busy Neurology office. Because our patients are referred to us, all reports are forwarded to the referring Physician. It is important to have these reports back to us in a timely and accurate manner.

In my search for a quality replacement, I was introduced to Tracy Pearson of Pearson Transcription. Ms. Pearson is a very pleasant and professional to work with. She assisted in setting up this office with digital dictation and the means of transferring this information to her, and for receiving the final reports back to us. The final reports have always been of top quality, and ready for down load. If there is a problem of any kind with the correct spelling of names etc., a quick e-mail can solve the problem for future dictation. All the work that is sent to Pearson Transcription is returned to me with in twenty-four hours.

After a lot of bad experiences with other transcription business, I am very fortunate to have found Ms. Pearson and her very professional business.

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We have been working with Pearson Transcription since 2011 and are very happy with the services they provide to us.  Their staff is a pleasure to work with and is always quick to offer an answer to any questions or concerns we may have.  They are responsive to the high standards we hold as a company, and work hard to ensure that they are helping us reach those standards.  They are reliable and meet our turnaround requirements; if we need something reprioritized they are quick to change gears and get things done.  

Pearson Transcription is a great company to work with and readily recommend their services to anyone.

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I have been extremely pleased with the transcription service that Pearson Transcription has been providing.

It is done quickly and with expertise. Your service feels more like family because you are available all the time to answer any questions that I may have.

I give my highest recommendation to you and the service that you provide.

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I have had the great pleasure of working with Pearson Transcription for nearly five years. A great part of public defense involves interviewing witnesses, victims, and other parties involved. Transcripts of these interviews are crucial when preparing legal documents or for trials. Sometimes trials are confirmed at the last minute and we scramble to send audio files out for transcription. Pearson Transcription makes it easy for us to upload audio files to their database and retrieve transcripts from it. Attorneys are always amazed at the turnaround time. It makes their jobs easier. We definitely appreciate Pearson Transcription’s quick speed. It is one less thing an attorney has to worry about when handling their caseloads.

Local Public Defender’s Office